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Standard solutions for Sportcentrum Papendal

The technical staff of Sportcentrum Papendal in Arnhem has used our products for several years now. Our INVERSO 150 and INNOVO 150 downlighters have a standard design, but are still applicable in many different ways. The technical staff uses them in multiple areas and offices within the sports centre, including the recently renovated office of the Nederlands Handbal Verbond.

The Nederlands Handbal Verbond rents an office space within the sports centre. You will also find Lumission’s fixtures there. The technical staff installed several INVERSO 150 downlighters (white with a chrome cone, 2000 lm, 3000K) in the ceiling above the workspace. In the hallway leading up to/away from the office, our INNOVO 150 Comfort (1000 lm, 3000K) was used to create a playful effect.

Both the INVERSO 150 and INNOVO 150 series are highly standardized. We offer clients a plug-and-play lighting solution that is still able to fit many different requirements. Thanks to a multifunctional reducer ring, our fixtures can be used in almost every situation. It doesn’t matter what the current or previous lighting solution looks or looked like.

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