Don’t miss out on the energy investment allowance

210506. That’s the magic number. This code will allow your clients to pay less taxes if they choose to invest in energy reduction, via the so called EIA (Energie-investeringsaftrek, or Energy Investment Allowance in English). With an extra deductible percentage of 45,5 percent, the effective tax reduction on profits is 11,4 percent. Definitely worth the […]

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The warranty you won’t have use

Delivering quality products is one of our top priorities, but we also invest a lot of time, energy, and money in making sure that each of our products are built to last. Our LED-lighting is designed in such a way that it can easily last 5 to 7 years, much longer if it’s not on […]

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The mandatory energy label C is coming

The 1st of January 2023. Remember that date. From that moment on, owners/users of office buildings in The Netherlands that are 100 m2 or larger, are required to have an energy label of C or higher. If they don’t, their building(s) may no longer be used as an office. That’s why it is important for […]

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Plug & play emergency lighting for every situation

Our lighting is compatible with practically every system, be it wired or via Bluetooth. Solutions that are using Bluetooth have a big advantage over those on Wi-Fi: when the internet goes down, Bluetooth systems still work. But when the power goes out, no control solution is going to help you. In case of that emergency, […]

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The defining features of our new INLINO series

Our INLINO cassette ceiling fixtures are the best candidate when it comes to replacing the fluorescent tubes that are popular to this day. In fact, we specifically designed our newest fixture to fit that role. That doesn’t mean INLINO has no defining features that make it stand out from the competition. It can serve multiple […]

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Cassette ceiling fixtures: the best replacement for fluorescent tubes

As of 1 september this year, production of fluorescent tubes is prohibited. The product won’t suddenly disappear from wholesale, but the end of the fluorescent era has undoubtedly started. That’s why now is the best time to start thinking about replacing this ‘ancient’ technology. The ideal replacement is already here: our INLINO cassette ceiling fixture, […]

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National monument in a new light

The building that houses Hotel The Slaak Rotterdam was declared a national monument over ten years ago. It played an important part in the post-war reconstruction of the city. In short: the building is special and it was an honor for us to work on it. Hotel The Slaak decided on the premium INPACT 150 […]

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A golden touch

HDL Taxaties recently moved into a new office and Lumission was asked to provide a fitting lighting solution. Thanks to our premium INVERSO series with a black frame and a golden cone, the building has that special architectural look and feel. […]

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