An installer’s preference

When an installer chooses to use your lighting products in their own office, that’s something to be proud of. Installers know the value of high-quality products better than anyone. We are happy that Putman BV chose our INPLANO Circo and INVERSO 150 fixtures to make their new offices look both beautiful and professional. Putman BV […]

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What’s the difference between DALI Broadcast and DALI Switch-Dim?

We’ve been talking about DALI, the open standard for creating lighting control solutions, for a few weeks now. If you’ve read our previous blogs about the protocol, you should know where the name DALI stands for. We’ve also introduced DALI 2.0, an updated version that has made the protocol ready for the future of smart […]

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Backward compatibility makes our products future-proof

Backward compatibility is not really a thing yet in the lighting industry. It’s a term that is especially common in the world of electronics, where innovation takes place at lightning speed and products can be outdated within a year. If a device is backward compatible, it means it will still work with older technology. Think […]

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DALI 2.0 makes the protocol future-proof

As a control solution, DALI is both reliable and flexible. In our previous blog we explained how this protocol was developed and that the abbreviation DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. DALI is a digital signal with that allows fixtures from different manufacturers to be controlled in the same way and within one system. […]

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The modernized House Modernes

Last October, Mayor Sharon Dijksma opened the renovated and modernized House Modernes, a multifunctional complex with shops and offices in Utrecht. Lumission supplied downlights and emergency lighting for the stairwells. We are proud to have contributed to this iconic building in the city center, House Modernes has quite a bit of history. The original building, […]

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An introduction to DALI

DALI is an open standard control solution for the lighting in buildings. It is relatively easy to install and highly configurable, without the need to change the wiring or connections on existing devices. This makes it a very popular control solution offices, restaurants, hotels, and other larger buildings. But what is DALI exactly and how […]

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It doesn’t get more energy efficient than LED

This month we’re talking about why (and when) fluorescent lighting is destined to disappear from offices and schools. It makes sense to replace this old technology with LED lighting, because it is much more efficient. But just how efficient is it these days? Let’s use our INPLANO panels as an example. When we started making […]

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Just how easy is it to change a cassette ceiling fixture?

We’ve mentioned before that our INLINO cassette ceiling fixture has been specifically designed to replace the fluorescent tubes that are still present in a lot of large offices and schools. But just how easy is it to replace all those fixtures? Because the total amount of necessary replacements can add up to hundreds, or even […]

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A brand new catalogue to light the way

Our product catalogue is like all those lists you’ll see at the end of the year, either looking back or ahead at what’s coming up in the new year. One the one hand, we’re proud of all the staples that make Lumission such a reliable partner in the lighting industry. On the other hand, we’re […]

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The end of the fluorescent world as we know it.

This month ends the beginning of the end for fluorescent tubes. As of september, there are more strict rules in effect that require a minimum energy efficiency for all lighting products that are being produced from now on. Fluorescent lighting is such an old technology that it can’t adhere to these new requirements. It’s not […]

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