This month ends the beginning of the end for fluorescent tubes. As of september, there are more strict rules in effect that require a minimum energy efficiency for all lighting products that are being produced from now on. Fluorescent lighting is such an old technology that it can’t adhere to these new requirements.

It’s not like there is a ban on the sale of fluorescent tubes. The new regulation doesn’t go that far, but their fate has been sealed, nonetheless. It will take a few months or probably even a couple of years before fluorescent lighting has disappeared completely from stores and wholesale, but it will definitely happen. Every fluorescent tube that is being sold from now on, is one that was still in stock. As soon as that stock runs out and the fluorescent tubes that are currently in use need to be replaced, those iconic lights will be gone, never to be seen again.

This may sound like we’re saying goodbye in a very sentimental way, reminiscing about the great times we had working under fluorescent light. But that’s not the case. It’s better for everyone that fluorescent tubes are being discontinued. There are much better alternatives available in the market, and they are way more efficient when it comes to energy usage. Take our own INLINO linear cassette ceiling fixture. We’ve designed this product in such a way that it can easily be installed in existing fluorescent lighting solutions, without any need for special installation.

Thanks to its wide beam angle, fewer fixtures are needed to light a room than was the case with fluorescent tubes. This only increases the potential amount of energy that can be saved if your clients make the switch from fluorescent lighting to LED. Add our very long lifespan to the mix and you get a product that is futureproof. Want to know more about the end of fluorescent lighting or our INLINO product range? We’ve said some very nice things about it back in July, which you can read here.  No surprise there, but we’re just so proud of a product that is both beautiful and practicul.

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