Blog #2 about cooling elements

A warranty says more than a thousand words We make premium products, using only high-quality components. But you don’t know that. And why would you take our word for it. That’s why we find it so important to translate that promise to an extended warranty of 5 (or even 7) years on all our products. […]

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Blog #1 about cooling elements

Hot news: staying cool is important You’ve probably heard us talk about cool and warm lighting before, but that has to do with the colour temperature of the lighting. The cool part we’re talking about today is something very different. Did you know that every light produces heat? It doesn’t matter if it’s a halogen, […]

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The INPLANO 600×600 is an easy to use office compliant LED panel for general lighting. Suitable for application in 600x600mm exposed T-bar ceilings and a good alternative to 4x18W T8 or 4x14W T5  fluorescent luminaires  . Due to its low glare (UGR<19, office compliant) it is suitable for application in e.g. offices and class rooms. […]

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Custom solution for cinema

For a movie theater in Norway the customer wanted a totally black LED fixture with an output that was equal to a luminaire with a 70W gas discharge lamp and which in addition was dimmable to 1%. Because the fixtures are mounted in a high ceiling, the light needs to be directed in order to […]

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LUMISSION has a license agreement with Philips IP Licensing. This gives LUMISSION access to all LED related Philips patents. “The access to the Philips LED-related patents increases our innovation power and strengthens our position as a supplier of high-quality and innovative LED downlights” says Erik Ploem, R&D Manager at LUMISSION. […]

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