LUMISSION at high altitude on Shopping Mall Cruquius

LUMISSION has supplied the luminaires for the impressive canopy of Shopping Mall Cruquius. This was a renovation project where the existing luminaires had to be replaced by energy-efficient and maintenance-free LED luminaires. The challenge with this project was the size, the height of the canopy, the location at a short distance from the sea, fitting […]

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Custom solution for cinema

For a movie theater in Norway the customer wanted a totally black LED fixture with an output that was equal to a luminaire with a 70W gas discharge lamp and which in addition was dimmable to 1%. Because the fixtures are mounted in a high ceiling, the light needs to be directed in order to […]

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What to do if you have an existing ceiling opening of 270 mm?

Our customer ITB came up with this question. The customer used CFL fixtures with a ceiling cut-out diameter of 270 mm that needed to be replaced. LUMSSION has a conversion ring for existing ceiling openings up to 240 mm, but that was insufficient in this case. For this situation LUMISSION designed a larger ring and […]

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For illuminating clothes in department stores in Mexico the INFORMATION 110 is selected. This fixture is chosen because of its modularity, power, sharp beam, adjustability and compact design. […]

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Library in Aarhus lit with INVERSO 150 LITE 1000lm

For the general lighting in the largest library in Scandinavia of Aarhus (Denmark) the lighting consultant selected the INVERSO 150 LITE. In this project, where CFL fixtures were replaced by LED luminaires, the luminaire is installed in combination with the LUMISSION-conversion-ring to fit the fixture in the existing (large) ceiling openings. With 900 pieces INVERSO’s 150 LITE the […]

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