INVERSO II offers a versatile range of downlights with almost endless customization options. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, the fixtures are perfectly suited for daily use over an extended period of time. Our products are built to last. INVERSO II is a good fit for every room and any application.

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All fixtures are in stock and can be ordered directly via the webshop of our exclusive wholesaler Solar.

By using our product configurator, you can select your desired specifications to get a product sheet of the ideal INVERSO II for the job.

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The INVERSO II is available in three different tiers: Standard, Professional and Premium

  • INVERSO II Standard (STD) is the best choice for clients with a limited budget.
  • INVERSO II Professional (PRO) delivers a very high efficiency rate, without compromising the light quality.
  • INVERSO II Premium (PREM) is for those special projects that require the absolute best when it comes to performance. Our premium range delivers a continuous light output and the most natural light available on the market.
The latest LED technology:

90 is the
new 80!

For the INVERSO II 150 & 195 PRO & PREM we are using the latest LED technology. This comes with a patented phosphor layer.

With traditional LED technology, a higher CRI value leads to lower efficiency. By replacing ‘broadband’ red nitride phosphor with ‘narrowband’ red phosphor, this new LED can achieve the efficiency of the current CRI80 LED at a CRI of 90. In addition, the R9 value in the spectrum (red) increases from 4 to 90, resulting in a very high quality of light.


90 PRO

The INVERSO II 90 PRO is an architectural downlight which is specifically designed for accentuated lighting. We offer many configuration options when it comes to color temperature, lumen output and beam angles.

This compact downlight can be used particularly well in combination with the other products of the INVERSO II series. In this way, a harmonious combination of general and accentuated lighting can be created while retaining a uniform appearance.


With the accessory rings, the INVERSO II 90 can be transformed into a decorative semi-recessed luminaire without that annoying glare.


STD 150 & 195

The standard version of the INVERSO II is very competitive and has a good balance between performance and price. You can choose between 1000, 1500 and 2000 lumen and flicker-free non-dimmable driver or a DALI dimmable driver.


PRO 150 & 195

The INVERSO II PRO focuses on efficiency and a high light quality. With 120 lm/W (even up to 134lm/W with a chrome cone) in combination with a color rendering index (CRI) of >90, this series outperforms any other downlight.

The PRO series offers all necessary lumen packages from 800 to 3500 lm in 3000K and 4000K. The flicker-free driver has a long life and proven reliability.

In addition, INVERSO II PRO offers options such as different colored casing and cones, making it the the ideal fixture for all kinds of spaces.

Our PRO offers several options for diffuse light distribution (for use in corridors and entrances, for example), as well as versions with low glare (UGR<19) for use in offices and classrooms.


PREM 150 & 195

The star of this series is the INVERSO II Premium. The drivers used in our premium range deliver a constant light output of 100% throughout their entire lifespan of 100,000 hours. This is called constant lumen output (CLO).

Of course, this Premium version is also available in different color combinations of casings and cones.

In addition to 3000K and 4000K options, you can also choose special light colors, such as the ‘full spectrum’ version. This emulates natural daylight and is the best (and only) choise if you want to display something in its true colors.

You can also opt for SMART solutions for different platforms (such as CASAMBI) and built-in sensors (e.g. EasyAir). The INVERSO II Premium is the best choice for prestigious lighting projects where demands and stakes are high.

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