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Plug & play emergency lighting for every situation

Our lighting is compatible with practically every system, be it wired or via Bluetooth. Solutions that are using Bluetooth have a big advantage over those on Wi-Fi: when the internet goes down, Bluetooth systems still work. But when the power goes out, no control solution is going to help you. In case of that emergency, you need emergency power. We recently did a project with Hacar Elektrotechniek that showed how important those back-up batteries can be.

Hacar Elektrotechniek recently replaced the emergency lighting in a retirement home in Hoofddorp. The lighting was faulty to a point that it no longer functioned, which can be very dangerous in a place like that. For this project, Hacar installed our INNOVO downlighters and equipped them with a special emergency lighting pack, which provides at minimum three hours of autonomous power in case of a power outage.

At Lumission we did a lot of prep work to make the process of installing the downlighters as easy as possible. For example, we’ve added so called fast connection boxes to all the emergency batteries, so that the entire fixture is ready to be plugged in.

Every downlighter and panels we produce can be equipped with emergency power. We also offer several connection solutions so that the installer can focus on what they do best: installing the lighting, without any need to assemble the product. We like to take care of that part, so that our customers can take care of their clients.

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