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The defining features of our new INLINO series

Our INLINO cassette ceiling fixtures are the best candidate when it comes to replacing the fluorescent tubes that are popular to this day. In fact, we specifically designed our newest fixture to fit that role. That doesn’t mean INLINO has no defining features that make it stand out from the competition. It can serve multiple purposes and is very versatile. Allow us to flaunt a bit with all the possible specifications it comes with.

We mentioned in our last blog that INLINO is available in three different widths: 184mm, 147mm and 126mm. The standard length is 1720mm, but we can produce custom lengths if necessary. The INLINO has a height of 48mm, which is lower than existing cassette ceiling fixtures.

INLINO comes in three different versions: 3000K, 4000K (comparable to the output of most fluorescent tubes) and a tunable white model that has a range of 2700-6500K. All variants allow for lighting with a wide beam angle. This produces a wide, equally distributed light with a smooth overlap between the different light sources. You won’t need to install as much fixtures as you would with regular lighting.

As is the case with all our products, INLINO is built to last. It has a L90/B50 rating at 50.000 hours and L80/B20 at 80.000. Thanks to an external driver and an aluminum casing, all components are being protected against overheating. This increases the overall lifespan and makes the INLINO quite flexible in use, as you can always add more drivers to it, even after it has been installed.

These drivers can range from on/off, dimmable, wireless control and daylight simulation. INLINO fixtures can also be equipped with several sensors, including movement sensors and daylight sensors. Rest assured, all our drivers are compatible with the all the commonly available smart light systems on the market right now, including our own Zen-Lite wireless control system.

In short, INLINO is a modular product that creates a futureproof lighting solution for any office, school, or other large building with a cassette ceiling. Want to get even more specifics? Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

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