Compiling technical data sheets

The LUMISSION products have a lot of configuration options. Refine your choice in the left colum.
As a result you can download your technical data sheet.

Number of possible configurations: 902. Divided over 27 product families.

Inlino 1720×126

Inlino 1720×147

Inlino 1720×184

Innovo 150 comfort

Inpact 150

Inpact 150 TW

Inpact 150 WW

Inpact 70

Inpact 90

Inpact 90 swing

Inpact70 swing

Inplano 600×600 opal

Inplano 600×600 prismatic

Inplano circo 600×600

Inplano TW 600×600

Inverso 150

Inverso 150 PIR

Inverso 150 PRO

Selfy bulkhead opal

Selfy bulkhead transparant

Selfy replacement battery

Selfy sign

SELFY Sign recessed bracket

SELFY Sign wall mount bracket

Upload 250

Upload 330 spec

Upload 400

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