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Custom solution for cinema

For a movie theater in Norway the customer wanted a totally black LED fixture with an output that was equal to a luminaire with a 70W gas discharge lamp and which in addition was dimmable to 1%. Because the fixtures are mounted in a high ceiling, the light needs to be directed in order to light the space as efficiently as possible.

LUMISSION created for this project a special version of the Inpact 150 LED. This range is chosen because it is very suitable for customising.

The high-power version of the Inpact has a larger heatsink and generates a luminaire luminous flux of 3800lumen!
As the light in Inpact is controlled by the small internal reflector, the cone can be black without reducing the light output.
Instead of the standard wide-beam angle reflector(70 °) we used a medium flood reflector (50 °) reflector.
To be able to dim to 1% a DALI-dimmable driver is used.

This example shows the customisation option that LUMISSION offers.

LUMISSION also offers the right solution for replacement of luminaires with gas discharge lamps and for application in high ceilings.