Bora II STD 60×60 LED panel

Omschrijving: BORA II is a new generation of LED panels that combines very high efficiency and a very long lifetime with improved color rendering. The range is at the top of the market in terms of life, efficiency and color rendering. The series consists of three levels: standard (STD), professional (PRO) and premium (PRE). The standard version offers a budget-friendly basic range. This gives you a very good LED panel that meets all the guidelines that are important for good lighting. If you have special requirements for a project, such as pluggable installation or extra high color rendering, you will find the solution in the professional range. The premium range offers a number of additional smart solutions for high-end projects, such as options with Tunable White, integrated sensors and constant light output (CLO) versions.
Artikelnummer: 3A1A.013601
Light technical specifications
Fixture light output: 3600lm
System power: 26W
Relative light output: 140lm/W
Glare ratio UGR: <22
Color temperature: 3000K
Color tolerance (SDCM): 3 SDCM
Color accuracy (Ra): CRI>80
Light distribution: Symmetric
Reflektor type: Opal
Adjustable: No
Material housing: Aluminum
Color housing: White
Length: 595mm
Width: 595mm
Height: 28mm
Driver: DALI dimmable
Driver (internal or external): External
Connection: On terminal
Looping possibility (Y/N): Yes
Terminal: 5x1,5mm2
Power factor: >0.9
Inrush current: 9A / 22μs
No of fixtures on fuse: B10=25 | B13=32 | B16=40 | B20=50 | C10=41 | C13=54 | C16=68 | C20=166
Sensor: No
Emergency unit: No
Voltage: 230V
L../B.. Values: L80/B50
Ambient temperature: 25°
Isolation class: II
Protection: IP44
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