Inlino 1720×184 Linear

Omschrijving: The Inlino is a linear LED fixture that replaces existing T5/T8 fixtures that are used in 1800mm cassette ceilings..The versions with width 184 and 147mm can be used in combination with plenum air circulation systems. The product has a modern design, very high efficacy (125lm/W and a low glare (UGR<19). Designed for application in offices, schools and healthcare. Matt silver reflector.
Artikelnummer: 2227206
Light technical specifications
Fixture light output: 3800lm
System power: 30W
Relative light output: 125lm/W
Glare ratio UGR: <19
Color temperature: 4000K
Color tolerance (SDCM): 3 SDCM
Color accuracy (Ra): CRI>80
Light distribution: Symmetric
Reflektor type: Multiple reflector optics
Material trim: Steel
Color trim: White
Adjustable: No
Material housing: Aluminum
Color housing: White
Cone: Matt silver
Length: 1720mm
Width: 184mm
Height: 48mm
Weight: 5,8kg
Driver: Non dimmable
Driver (internal or external): External
Connection: On driver
Looping possibility (Y/N): No
Terminal: 2x1,5mm2
Power factor: >0,9
Inrush current: 10A
No of fixtures on fuse: 55/C13
Sensor: No
Emergency unit: No
Voltage: 230V
L../B.. Values: L80/B20
Ambient temperature: 25°
Isolation class: II
Protection: IP20
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